Well you did it! It’s you’re senior year and it’s time to have some fun and get some great photos to celebrate. You’re photo session date and time are all set so now what? Being well prepared can make the difference between getting good and great photos so here are a few things to keep in mind when getting ready so things go smoothly and you can focus on having a great time. After you read through, if you still have questions, please feel free to contact me.


Your Day Is Here!

The most important thing to remember is Have Fun!  We’re going to make you look great and you’ll have a great time which is why you chose me.


The number one nervous worry that I hear is “I don’t know how to pose!” Don’t panic! We want to get amazing photos of you and no one can do you like you so just be yourself. We will give you some suggestions along the way so there is no pressure on you. Guys, don’t worry, there are some poses that only work for the ladies so we save those just for them.


Bringing a friend along

Sometimes bringing along a friend can be a good thing and help put you at ease and bring out more of the real you. However, if your friend would create more of a distraction, then it may be best to meet them when your session is over. If you do bring along a friend I’m sure we can work them into a couple of shots if you like!



If we have an outdoor session planned and your day arrives and the skies aren’t clear blue with bright sunshine, don’t worry. Some clouds are actually a good thing as they tend to soften the light and make for some really great shooting conditions but there is a limit of course. If we have really dark gray skies or if it is raining then we will most likely need to reschedule. I will try to contact you first but please call me at 937-416-5582 if you have any doubts or concerns.



Props are a great addition to include in your photos. If you are an athlete consider bringing uniforms or some of your sports equipment along. If you are a musician, bring along your instrument. Maybe you are in dance, art, or some other school club or activity. If there is something you can bring to represent your interest, we can include it. Most common pets or animals are always welcome as long as we know what to expect ahead of time. Hunting is a popular sport and I have no issues if you want to incorporate your unloaded firearm.


What to wear??

Everyone has his or her own unique style and that is what we want to showcase. Be fashionable but be yourself and take time to put some thought into your clothing choices. This is a unique opportunity and you should look amazing.


Ok gentlemen, let’s be serious here for a minute. I know some guys don’t get as excited about getting your pictures taken as most of the ladies do but if you are going to put in the time you want to have great photos. If you find yourself a bit fashion challenged, have your mom, girlfriend, or some other friends who have a style you like to help you. Trust me on this one!


I do not have a limit on wardrobe changes so you are free to bring a lot of options. The more outfits you have to choose from the better choices we can have when it comes to matching your clothes to the backgrounds and settings. Keep in mind that solid colors tend to make you stand out from most backgrounds more than very busy patterns.


Group outfits together on hangers (yes gentlemen, arriving with your gym bag stuffed with clothes really isn’t a good option here!) and make sure everything is wrinkle free and ready to go. This will also help make wardrobe changes go quicker and smoother which will allow us to spend more time taking photos.


Consider bringing a mix of styles for even more options. Bring along anything from formal to casual but just make sure you are comfortable in your selections.


One consideration to keep in mind for the ladies, dresses are always a nice choice but keep in mind that shorter dresses or skirts will limit the available poses we can do.



Shoe options abound so it’s your choice. If you plan on wearing flip-flops I suggest you bring along a newer pair as an old well worn pair can be distracting in photos. If you are planning to go barefoot, that’s a great option too.



Try not to make drastic changes to your hairstyle just before your photo session.


This one generally applies more for the ladies but it is sometimes difficult for us to know what your hair “is supposed to look like”. If you have a preference on your hair just let us know. Better yet, bring along your best friend as your very own personal assistant.


Bring along hair spray, clips, pins, hair bands, or whatever you may need to help keep hair under control on breezy days.


Gentlemen with long hair may also want to have a way to keep their hair out of their face and eyes.



Make up that is well done is one of the best preparations you can make for your sessions. Even if you don’t normally wear makeup or wear very little, take the time to do it well and your photos will look their best.


Mascara should be clean and not clumpy. Some makeups with an SPF can tend to create a shine. Using a translucent powder that will knock down the shine without adding any color can help summer shine.


Finger & Toe Nails

Nails should be clean and trimmed. For the ladies, if you paint your nails then make sure they are done well for your session. Chipped nail paint will show and cause an unnecessary distraction in your images. Keep in mind nail polish colors and how it will work with all of your clothing choices.



This is meant mainly for the ladies if you are planning to tan for your session. Please keep in mind that tan lines may become easily visible with some of your clothing choices which could be distracting in your photos. Consider varying swimsuit tops while tanning to reduce visible tan lines. If you do choose to tan just be careful not to overdo it. A healthy glow is one thing, being sunburned or bright orange is something totally different.